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Susan Porterfield

Susan Porterfield was presented with the Silas Award by the National Association of Creative Professional Groomers, at the June 3, 2012 Pet Stylists Super Show. This is the first time the award has been given in the United States. She has served as President of Pet Stylists of Tennessee, Inc. since 2006. She is also the chairman of the annual Trade Show and Grooming Competition held in Knoxville each year at the Convention Center. She believes strongly in continued education for all groomers.


Our mission and goal is to promote educational and physical skills so that an individual may develop into a professional pet care provider/groomer who has high standards of integrity and knowledge to be entrusted with the welfare of someone’s pet.

Both David and Susan Porterfield, as owners and founders of Concord School of Grooming offer a tremendous wealth of knowledge. They have bred and shown horses, cats and dogs for the show-ring over 50 years. They are American Kennel Club Judges, and past members of the Professional Handlers Association. They are listed in the, “Who's Who of Dog Handling”.

If you want to succeed in today’s fast growing pet industry, we have that special touch that can help you leap over the competition. We believe that our program is structured so that you will be able to compete in today’s fast growing market. Concord School of Grooming is the only grooming school in the state of Tennessee. Our fast growing client base is well over 5,000 this is due to our 50 year commitment to our clients and their pets.

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