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Allow Your Pet to Enjoy the Many Services Offered at Our
"Day Spa for Pets"

Massage Therapy:

From 5 minutes to 15 minutes available: A special service for total relaxation as well as an aide to relieve inflammation of arthritis for that special pet.

Paw Fizz Treatment:

For a luxury treatment let us soak the pads for 5-10 minutes in our special Warren London Paw Fizz treatment for soft pads and removal of bacterial and fungal material picked up in the yard.

Shedding Treatment:

Improve the appearance of your pet and your environment with the FURminator shed-less treatment ... a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair. The secret to the FURminator treatment is a patented tool designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat of your pet. This revolutionary grooming device utilizes a unique blade that removes loose hair while leaving your pet with a shiny and healthy coat. DESIGNED FOR BOTH LONG & SHORT-HAIRED PETS The FURminator treatment will make you and your pet look and feel better. Within one to two treatments, the FURminator has been proven to reduce shedding up to 60 to 80 percent.​ The FURminator treatment has been endorsed by veterinarians who understand the importance of maintaining a happy and healthy pet. According to veterinarians, the overall health of your pet is based, in part, on keeping your pet both clean and comfortable. Allergy sufferers may breathe easier after your pet has had the FURminator shed-less treatment. By reducing the amount of pet hair in your environment, you are reducing the amount of dander and airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people. Spend more time with your pet and less money on those cleaning supplies after the FURminator shed-less treatment. Schedule this special grooming appointment today and discover the joy of owning a clean, healthy and happy pet with the FURminator shed-less treatment.

Hair Styles:

Our friendly staff has been trained to offer you the ultimate selections for your pet. Standard trims and styles  for all pets (Dogs and Cats). Want something different or a special customization. How about adorable puppy or teddy bear cuts.

Perhaps lion clips for dogs or cats. You want color you can get color, for that special occasion or just for fun. 


Cleaned or plucked

Dental Care:

Brush for dental hygiene. Mouth wash for fresh breath.

  • Brushing

  • Dental Gel with Hydro Rinse

  • Baiyu B5 Ultrasonic cosmetic tooth enhancer. Pets must be cooperative as we do not put pet under anesthesia.

  • Complete removal of plaque build up and cleaning of teeth. Charge is by the tooth.

Flea and Tick Service:

Safe and non-toxic removal of unwanted guest


Hydro-surge system for deep cleaning and massage therapy Self service bath for owners who want large discounts and don't mind getting wet and dirty.


Regular nail trims. Filed nail trims. Dremel nail trims. Nail polish "Choose your Color".

Special Shampoos for Special Needs:

Dry itchy skin, Flaky dander, Oily seborrhea, Normal coat


Aromatherapy for the sheer pleasure
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